Fishing Packages

Fishing Packages

Fun Fishing

Fun Fishing (4 hrs)

  • Most suitable for first timers or amateurs who have little or no experience in fishing.
  • Necessary to have a guide onboard to assist. You will be taught on the methods and skills to tie knots, bait hooks, remove hooks, how to use a rod, etc.
  • Bottom line fishing and jig-fishing only , using handlines or fishing rod.
  • Fishing around the nearby islands, normally a depth up to 10m deep.
  • Baits used : fish and squids. Mostly coral fishes. Guaranteed catch.

Return pick up is provided for stay at Kuah town or Cenang area only.

RM 600 per boat

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Game Fishing (Upon Request)

Game Fishing ~ Upon Request

  • Meant for more serious anglers expecting better catches , travelling about 30-45 min. to the deeper waters (depth up to 30m).
  • Guide is necessary unless for seasoned anglers, who can manage on their own. Necessary to use guide (4pax)
  • Bottom line fishing, Casting, Trolling and Jig-fishing. Rods are provided.
  • Fishing in areas where  artificial reefs or sunken wreck spots are located.
  • Live baits like shrimps and squids will be used (subject to availability)
  • Expected catches – groupers, snappers, barracuda, mackeral, stingrays.
  • Trip is subjected to suitable sea conditions for better haul / catches.

Return pick up is provided for stay at Kuah town or Cenang area only.

4 hours ~ RM 800 per boat

8 hours ~ RM 1600 per boat


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Terms & Conditions :-
  1. Maximum of 4 pax per 8 seater speedboat with rooftop, except for Deep Sea Fishing (8 pax max) in a fishing boat.
  2. Compulsory to wear life jackets. No children allowed except for fun fishing. Only children above 12yrs old.
  3. We only engage experienced boatman who knows well of good fishing ground in our excursions.
  4. Compulsory to hire a guide to assist in helping guests to bait hooks, remove hooks from fish, tie new lines, remove stuck lines etc. (Guide Fees – RM120 per boat)
  5. Fishing trip will be cancelled in case of bad weather conditions and will be substituted to the next day. Full refund if continuous bad weather conditions persists.
  6. All fishing trips by speedboat
  7. All bookings for fishing trips are subjected to selected days of the month (with slower undercurrents) Do check with us which dates are most suitable.
  8. Its advisable to bring along your own rods and reels. If not, we have our own casting rods, trolling rods and reels and hand lines to provide you with.
  9. Live prawns and Live Squids are subjected to availabilty on the day of fishing. Alternatively fish meat, squids and shrimps will be used as baits.
  10. All fishing trips are inclusive of free return hotel transfers to the jetty (Hotel – Jetty – Hotel) Reasonably sized catches (table size fish) can be arranged by the guide to be sent to a local restaurant to be cooked. to your style of cooking, at an additional charge.